Weekly Art Classes

Taught by accomplished, professional artists

Our art classes are taught by elite team of fine art teachers have earned at minimum a BFA degree. Many have an MFA in Art Education and a strong professional art practice.

2 Hour Classes

Even for our youngest students, this time flies by! We help break up the class time with a 10 minute break after the first hour. 

Long Term Discounts Available

Serious about practicing art long term? At your trial class, we can show you what discounts are available for registering for either a full school year or a whole year.

Class Structure & Tuition


Long Term Curriculum

We've created a strong 10-year curriculum to support our students from age 4 through senior year of high school. Adult students also benefit from our strong structure, which features projects with an even balance of building technical skill and fostering creativity. 

Progress & Education Focused

We care a lot about our students and their progress. Upon enrollment, each student will have a profile in our database, where we keep documentation of all their finished work in class. In the spring, we hold a group parent conference where we educate parents on what we've taught them through the year so far, and what's to come. You will get to see your child's work along with their peers' work.

We Meet Every Student's Level

Our classes are structured based on skill level--not age. While there tends to be a general age range for each level, we want to assure that each student is placed in a class that is appropriately challenging. We find out each student's skill level during their trial class.

Tuition Structure

Our tuition is based on skill level and the number of classes registered. We offer a starter package of 16 classes (~4 months), which includes a 2 month grace period to choose to extend your class term to what we call "long term." 

Long term enrollments, if you register in September (although students are welcome to enroll at any point in the year), will push your term to either the end of the school year (38 classes total) or through the summer (48 classes total; this equals a full year from your first class). When you come for a trial class, we can more easily show you what long term discounts you'll receive for extending to a longer term. 

Flexible Schedule

We understand that unexpected things can happen in life, so if you miss a class, you can schedule a makeup class for it on any day and time a class is available for your child's level. Just send us a request via our form online, send us an email, or give us a call.

Rolling Admission

We welcome new enrollments to our art school at any point in the year. Please contact us to schedule your trial class!

NOTE: Due to concerns about preventing the spread of coronavirus in our community, we are temporarily not accepting new trial students. Interested new students can email us to be added to a waitlist. Once we are ready to resume in-facility classes, we will contact you for scheduling a trial class. We appreciate your patience and understanding!