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Professor Jianxin Zhao


Professor Jianxin Zhao studied under outstanding faculties of the  China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, specializing in Gongbi  Figure Painting, and attained considerable achievement and recognition  for her work. Her series of national award winning paintings “Endless  Thought before Marriage”, “Elegant”, and “Joyful” have been chosen to be  a part of the permanent collection of the National Art Museum of China,  and received much critical acclaim.

Since 1982, Prof. Zhao has been engaged in Fine Arts education in  universities. During her 15 years of teaching, many of her students went  on to become national painters, doctoral supervisors, and principals of  art academies, etc.

In 1996, she immigrated to the United States, and started a whole new  chapter of her life-long pursuit and built “US Fine Art Education  Center” in greater Los Angeles area. Since then, for the first time the  way of kids learning art was changed. Instead of drawing randomly from  either home or after-school classes, kids started to have a systematic art learning in art class. US  Fine Art Education Center became the first standard youth art learning  institution in Los Angeles, U.S.

When Professor Jianxin Zhao first built US Fine Art Education Center,  she raises 5 basic guiding concepts on art education. With the idea of  “educating innovative talents through art”, our curriculum plan turns  art education theory into practical:


1. The art education and techniques education are related;
2. The purpose of teaching students art is not about the artwork itself but the individuals in our classroom.
3. Each level of teaching method has to be scientific and objective and eventually realize the ultimate outcomes.
4. Bring creativity to each student’s basic training.
5. Emphasize the teaching standard of basic knowledge as well as the techniques.

Through consistent, systematic training, U.S. Fine Art Education  Center helps students to gain extraordinary thoughts, ambition,  confidence, and to become a future elite in our society. We are  dedicated to enlightening students through art cultivation and  innovative thinking, and to moving our students forward with confidence.  We incorporate the idea of “talent incubation” into CTA students’  curriculum—painting, designing, handcrafting, clay modeling, art  appreciation, outdoor projects, etc. Our goal is to unify art perception  and drawing techniques.

Because of the special educational concepts and pursuit, after a long  persistent study, Professor Jianxin Zhao and her elite faculty team  developed an unprecedented “CTA” (Comprehensive Training in Art) art  education system. Her contribution signifies the new education mode and  concept for youth art education. Thus, under the lead of Prof. Zhao, US  Fine Art Education Center has become a famous educational brand in  international platform.

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