Art Portfolio Preparation

Enhance college applications with an outstanding art portfolio

Whether or not students apply for an art degree, an art portfolio created with our guidance will make all applications stand out.

Guidance from elite teachers

Our Art Portfolio Preparation teachers all have at minimum a MFA degree and a strong professional art practice. They also have years of experience teaching art classes at a high school and college level

Plein air practice

On top of building observational skills in our regular weekly art classes, we also incorporate one yearly outdoor trip to a park or a museum for the art portfolio preparation students to draw or to paint.

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Summer Portfolio Prep Booster

Extra time and space for portfolio work

Enroll in this supplemental daytime portfolio program over the summer to create more work for portfolios. 

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Portfolio Student Testimonials

Maggie L.

 I’ve  been studying art at the US Arts Center since 7th grade and it has been the pillar of my art education since. US Arts Center provided the educators and materials I needed to grow as an artist, as well as the support and guidance for building an art portfolio for college. I was able to study a wide variety of art mediums such as acrylic paint, colored pencil, charcoal, and much more. They allowed me to explore my artistic passions and experiment with my work. I learned under many amazing artists and skilled teachers who personalized my lessons so I could improve all aspects of my artistic   abilities. The teachers and staff even helped me prepare a strong portfolio so I could get into a top art program in college. I am so grateful for US   Arts to help me become a better artist!     

Rachel L.

U.S. Arts is very devoted to helping students create art and continues to support them. There are plenty of materials at the students' availability in order   for them to work towards their passion. The teachers are friendly and   knowledgeable, and have guided me through the never-ending art process. They have also assisted me in creating a compelling college portfolio. After 10 years of attending U.S. Arts, I can say that I am grateful to have been a   part of their community.   

Madison T.

US Arts played a big role in the improvement of my portfolio. Thanks to the   instructors who took time to sit down with me and discuss ways to enhance and elevate my pieces.
   Not only did they help with the technical side of my pieces but also the conceptual sides. Overall, I’m very happy I got the opportunity to improve my skills and grow my portfolio at US Arts.