Online Art Classes


Continuing Art Education at Home

The well-being of our students, parents, teachers, and staff are of utmost importance to US Arts Center. To mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have decided to move our art classes online until further notice. 

To help make the transition to an online class experience easier for students and parents, please watch the tutorial video below on how to log into your class online.  Parents, please check your email for detailed instructions. If you run into any technical issues or have any questions, please contact the office. Thank you!

Online Class Tutorial

We will be using Zoom for our classes.

Common Questions & Answers


What are my options if I don't want to or can't take online classes?

There are two options if you do not want to participate in the online class:

1) Temporary stop

You can temporarily pause your child's classes (starting at any time), and resume them when things go back to normal. We would count how many classes are left in your child's registration, and they would start from when you come back to classes.

So if you have 10 weeks left currently, we would pause their registration, and those 10 weeks would start when you come back. Any absences reported online will be saved.

Parents who choose to do a temporary stop are still welcome and encouraged to do the free online trial class to see if they like it.

2) Cancellation. 

Our cancellation policy remains the same, if you want to permanently cancel classes it is a $50 fee and the rest is refunded based on how many classes there have been since the start of their registration.

Please email us your child’s name if you would like to pause or cancel your registration.

What will be the class credits if we decide to go with online class?

We will have credits for all students who stay through end of their registration terms. We are waiting from our Headquarter about the details and will inform all parents.  It is a little hard for Headquarter to make all decision since the situation changes in such a short time.

We will compensate parents for purchasing materials as well.

We have been working very hard to make the transition smooth for all of our students and we appreciate your patience and your support!

Do you have any extra classes during the daytime?

No, we are keeping our same schedule. Wed-Fri 4:30, and 6:30 and our normal weekend schedule as well.

My normal class time doesn’t work for me online. Can I switch to a different time?

Please email us if you’d like a class switch and we will email you the new link. If it is a one time change, please use the makeup website.

Am I allowed to do makeups online?

Yes, please continue to schedule online as usual. Since the office has to check to send out the link to all makeup students, please sign up in advance. Email us if you have any questions or issues!

I don’t want to do makeups online. Will I be able to save them for when US Arts Center reopens?

Yes, we are saving all makeup data and you can do them when the center opens again as normal.

How long will it take for my child to finish a piece?

It depends on the room, but it will typically take 2-4 classes to finish one drawing. It could take your child longer online than it would in the classroom.


I did not expect to spend money on materials. Will I be compensated?

Yes. Because this came about so quickly, we did not have enough unopened supplies to distribute to students. We are currently working on setting up online classes first, and will email parents about credits/compensation when it is finalized.

I couldn't pick up paper from the school or don't have any at home. Where can I purchase some?

You can use the US Arts homework sketch book for drawing projects, instead of purchasing drawing paper.  If you do not want to use the homework book for class projects, you can purchase sketch book/paper from online or from a physical store (art stores like Michael's or Plaza Art will sell paper, along with any Wal-mart or Target with an arts/crafts section). 11X17" is our standard large drawing paper.

Some suggested options if you wish to purchase your own paper:


I clicked on the link & got a message “Waiting for the host to start meeting”. What does this mean?

The teacher has not begun class yet. Please check back 10 minutes before class time.

Where do I enter my name for the online class?

Once the teacher starts the class, it will ask you to enter the name. Please enter First Name, Last Initial and Student ID (ex: Mickey M G02001)

I don’t know my student ID. How do I get it?

Look up your child’s information on our absence/makeup website. If you’ve ever scheduled something with the website, the ID is in the confirmation email that gets sent to you. Please email us if you are still having trouble.

I’m talking/asking a question during class and the teacher can’t hear me. Why?

The teacher will normally have students muted so that they can instruct easily. Please click on the "raise hand" button to get the teacher to un-mute you.

Do I have to be with my child during the online class?

 If your child is in Rooms 1-3, yes, especially for the first online trial class. We recommend being with older children as well just in case they have technical difficulties.

I’m having technical issues. Can I call the office to help me?

Yes! We will try our best to help you.