Middle-High School Art Boot Camp

Bulking up art skills and portfolios

High school students often realize that they need better skills to build a competitive art portfolio. It is our intention to help current middle school and high school students with achieving this goal, along with learning to work in a focused and dedicated manner through this summer art boot camp.

This course is designed for middle school and high school students who enjoy drawing, painting, and who would like to:

  • boost their fine art skills
  • explore the possibility of utilizing their fine art skills/talent to take AP Studio art in high school
  • enhance their college application
  • consider majoring in visual art.

    In this program, students will immerse themselves in art with other similar age students everyday during the week. Our hands-on instructions will help students to develop various techniques and sharpen their observational skill. Our professional instructors will encourage and also challenge the students' current level of skills. The curriculum will be tailored to each student's needs and will be taught by professional artists who have college level teaching experiences. 


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Art Boot Camp

Chantilly & Fairfax

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